Information about OUTGROWN

How it works

How it works 

Buying made easy

Search using the filters, map and keywords to find the perfect items for your children.  

To keep our community safe, all of our transactions are securely made via PayPal.

Selling - You have two options

Option 1 

 Send for a clear-out-bag, drop your items in it and we'll do the rest

We’ll take care of everything. Pick-up, pricing, product photography, shipping.

Fill out this form for a pre-paid clear-out-bag and you can sit back while we do the rest.

You'll get 60% of the sale price when your items are sold and we'll give a 10% donation to Unicef.

Option 2

List items for sale yourself

List it. Sell it. Ship it. Receive payment.

You’ll need a PayPal account. To keep our community safe, all of our transactions are securely made via PayPal. (Haven’t got an account, don’t worry you can set one up here.)

You'll pay 10% commission to OUTGROWN plus a Paypal processing fee and we'll make a 10% donation to Unicef.  Unicef support children across the globe to live healthier and happier lives.

Here's jus t a few more details on how to sell it yourself

Creating a listing is simple (It takes less than 5 minutes)

1. Hit the ‘sell your kids clothes’ button and get started.

2. Select the item category & write a title and description.

3. Choose an item price.

We recommend 50% of the original retail price for unused or new items, 40% for nearly new and 30% for pre-loved.

For community safety we use PayPal. All transactions are secured through PayPal.

4. Specify your delivery method.

Shipping or Pickup (or both).

We recommend checking out Parcel2Go for your postage pricing and needs

5. Complete the listing details.

You MUST add images for your clothes. (If there are no images uploaded we will close your listing.)

Good photos will your clothes quickly so follow the tips below to maximise your listing:

- Pictures should be in LANDSCAPE

- Sharp BRIGHT images

- White / Light background

- No shadows

- Clutter free backgrounds (on a hanger on the back of a door is good).

6. Post your listing to go live.

Share with your friends on email, txt via WhatsApp and on social media

You can send the web-page to your very own mini-site (see below)

*We check all listings to authenticate our community and all of the transactions for quality purposes and will close anything down that doesn’t meet the Kids Clothes Exchange standards.

Once it’s sold

Arrange delivery or get the item in the post as quickly as possible. Make sure the item is washed, ironed and neatly folded in the packaging you are sending.

 After all we all want to receive our new items as quickly as possible and in great shape.

Need to know

We only allow pre-loved items that have been well looked after. No signs of wear and tear, no broken zips or buttons and no stains. We don’t allow second hand underwear items (including tights).

If your item has imperfections but it it still high quality, please be honest about these in the listing to prevent issues later down the line.

For help with a listing, email us at